Painful Itchy Red Eyes Remedy

At herbal home remedies we have a remedy for everything and the most common these days and what I am facing too is painful itchy red eyes. I  had my eye sight checked, all was well. Took Advil and Tylenol none helped then I decided that why not try something the old fashioned way.

I rinsed my eyes with ice water and then then washed them with some dry eyes drops. After that I put cold cucumber pieces on my eyes and after 15 minutes I felt relief. Finally my eyes stopped burning. I have kept using it since 2 days and I am free of pain and itchiness however, if pain continues, do not curse me and please see a doctor immediately. Eyes are not something you should be careless about.

So far for today. I will let you know, please message me with your problems and I will certainly tell you an easy cure.


Remedy for Christmas Pie

While baking a Christmas pie if you burn your hand, apply tooth paste on it instantly. It will help with the burning and redness.

Tips For Using Herbal Remedies for AIDS

When you are facing an unknown future with AIDS, it may be time to learn some herbal remedies for AIDS. By learning herbal remedies for AIDS you may learn to reduce symptoms and live a healthier lifestyle for years to come. Years of research have been spent on this subject in order to help those that are suffering.
There are common every day herbs that you can add to your food and drinks to increase your health. Some herbs can be added to bath water and simply used as a refresher. Make herbal drinks in the morning to start the day nicely. By using herbal remedies for AIDS such as white tea for detoxing the body, you will begin to notice a dramatic difference.
Using herbal remedies are beneficial to your body in more ways than one way. It will also give you a more positive outlook on life thanks to the positive influence of herbs.




Why You Should Learn Herbal Remedies for Anal Soreness?

If you suffer from anal soreness, then learn herbal remedies for anal soreness that can be applied directly to your sore. There are several types of herbs that you can choose from.

In some cases, with anal soreness, you will be exhausted and weary. In this case, try to drink white or mint herbal tea. This kind of tea will help sooth you and make you feel more relaxed. It has many benefits. Some herbs you can add to hot water and dip a rag in it to apply to the wounds. The herbal remedies for anal soreness will help the wounds heal quickly.

This is a very in depth look at herbal remedies, so you may want to take extra time to do your research. Thanks to herbs, you can be back on your feet and on your way in no time. So take the time to study, learn and ask questions to those that use herbal remedies around you.


Herbal Remedy for Dengue Fever

There is a recent outbreak of Dengue Fever. Although it is painful, still it is not life threatening if taken precautions and good care. The symptoms of Dengue fever are usually high fever accompanied by pain in the pains, muscles, eyes, loss of taste and appetite and as well as nausea and vomiting. This fever is also referred as the bone breaking fever.

The patient who is diagnosed with dengue fever should rest. He/she should take a lot of fluids like juices or soup. Constant monitoring of fever is important and fever should not exceed 102 f. Only Tylenol or Panadol is allowed to be taken and not aspirin or any other pain killer. Complete blood tests should be done daily to monitor the platelets level and if they drop below 20,000 , the patient would be in need of blood transfusion. This fever usually takes 5-7 days to recover but the weakness after it accompanies by needle pinching like feeling usually goes away in 10-15 days with proper diet, fluids and multi vitamins.

The dengue fever patient should be given papaya leaf juice, apple and lemon juice and that is said to increase the platelet count.


How Herbal Remedies for Fever Can Help

When you get sick with a fever and illness, it’s not fun. To help knock it out faster, you can always rely on herbal remedies for fever. If you are not aware of this type of treatment, now would be a great time to learn.

Some herbs can be taken on a daily basis and applied to effected areas. It is also wise to drink herbal teas such as peppermint or cherry root. These teas help with general problems that you may face when you have a fever. By using herbal remedies for fever, you can be on the fast track to mending physically. Herbs may also help keep you healthier so that you can war off fever in the future. Head to a local health food store and stock up on herbs that will help you on a daily basis. There will be workers and specialist that you can learn from so that you know which herbal remedies for fever that you should buy.


Why You Should Learn Herbal Remedies for Amnesia

If you struggle with amnesia, then you would be a prime candidate to learn herbal remedies for amnesia. It affects your ability to remember details, establish relationships and more. If you are serious about learning a cure, tap into herbal remedies for amnesia.

Some of these herbs can be taken through herbal teas, or simply added to your water or meals. In a short time you will begin to see the work of herbal remedies for Amnesia in your life.

However, take the time to read the ins and outs of herbal remedies. Take a class on herbal remedies for amnesia. Most local colleges and community groups will offer classes on herbal remedies. You can check out a few books on the subject and do an in depth study on herbs. The goal will be for you to find herbal remedies for amnesia that will help you out with this problem in your life. It will be more than worth it if you can find healing.